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Life throws up many challenges and, at times, they can feel stressful, frustrating, distressing or overwhelming. You may be facing specific circumstances or incidents or just have a general feeling of unease about how your life feels or where it's going. Maybe you feel as though you can't escape from the pain of past experiences or that you keep repeating damaging behaviour. Sometimes there seems to be no obvious reason for you to feel so uncomfortable or unhappy but you do. 


Whether your problems relate to your personal life, your work, your health or any other area, you don't have to suffer on your own. With my blend of counselling, tapping (TFT) and stress management, I can support you to find ways to feel better, calmer and stronger, so that you are more able to deal with them.


I can help you learn skills, strategies and techniques, so that you can tackle your difficulties more effectively, now and in the future.


I also offer therapeutic massage for people who want a restorative, relaxing treatment either as an adjunct to my other therapies or as a free standing therapy. Massage can ease physical aches, pains, knots and tension at the same time as easing the burden of mental and emotional stresses.



I have succesfully treated people suffering from :

stress, tension and anxiety: trauma and post traumatic stress: phobias: grief: shyness and embarassment: work issues: exam nerves: high blood pressure and more.


I have also helped people to improve performance, for example in public speaking, interviews, making presentations, acting and sport. 




Phone: 0131 334 1941 or 07751 450 495   email:


Sessions last approximately one hour. I work in Edinburgh and via Skype.











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