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I have difficulty finding the right words to suitably promote the fantastic impact your skills have had. As you know, the ability to do part of my job (as a climbing instructor) that had caused me great stress for many years, suddenly not only being done but in record time and on my own instead of with the 2 other colleagues (who watched on in disbelief) is but one of the blockages we worked on that were preventing progress in my sport, career and, let’s face it, life. How to give a testimonial? Incredibly difficult! I’m speechless! I understand it might not work for everyone and I am so grateful I am one of the people it resonated with. Fears that have plagued my development, instant relief from subconscious shackles and a freedom to focus. If I’d known how effective this was going to be, I’d be hanging around in Edinburgh longer.* Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it for me. You have literally changed my life.  CH


*C was emigrating and had a limited time left in this country when he started the programme.




It is difficult to find the words with which to describe how your therapy has changed my life for the better.


After struggling for six months to cope with an acrimonious family rift caused by the death of my son, which took over all my daily thoughts, stopped me sleeping and raised my blood pressure to unhealthy levels (even though I was taking medication to deal with this), I was amazed to discover that after just a couple of  treatments I was able to put my feelings of anger and helplessness into perspective and so start a natural grieving process. Even more importantly my blood pressure went down to what my GP described as "perfect for my age".


The success of these two initial treatments spurred me on (via successive sessions) to deal with other difficulties and negative feelings which had been hindering my life for a long time. I am incredulous at how, once addressed and dealt with by tapping into the right energies, thay have completely disappeared from my thoughts, leading to me to look at the future positively and calmly ".


Thank you. SW




I first went to see Janet Bremner in the hope that Thought Field Therapy might help me overcome limitations holding back my Yoga practice. A childhood head injury left me with a fear of being upside down which has made it impossible for me to do a hand stand against the wall in the normal way, despite the fact that I am strong enough to hold the position. To cope with my fear, I have to walk my feet up the wall - which takes time and effort and destroys my focus.


One session of TFT was enough for me to break through the fear barrier. The following day I simply put my hands on the floor and put myself into a handstand against the wall. No fuss, no worry, just up!


Since the first session I have continued regular TFT sessions with Janet Bremner and find with her help I am using this process to steadily defuse long-held emotional strains over events in my past,  release painful memories and dump baggage that no longer serves me. Sometimes, it is a challenging and emotionally draining experience to process these past events, but the result is that I feel lighter and more up to date with myself, and I am more free to enjoy new opportunities without being held back by the past. I am sure that living with my emotional baggage is harder than going through the process of releasing it. If I had known there was a choice I could make that would free me of long-held burdens, I would have chosen that freedom years ago. I am just grateful to be finding that sense of freedom now. I believe my sense of freedom depends on two things. One is the TFT techniques, but also to Ms Bremner's professional skill in helping me clarify issues which I can then bring  to the surface and release through TFT. 


I have experienced a very wide range of therapies over a 15 year period. TFT is the simplest, fastest and most effective therapy for relieving stress that I have ever found. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to overcome a limitation or performance inhibition. I would also recommend it to anyone who feels held back by the past and to anyone seeking to release emotional tension. Ms Bremner is a highly skilled practitioner and I have felt comfortable and safe enough to go through this extremely personal and vulnerable process with her guidance. CM




The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how the process itself relaxes you and each time you do it there’s a deeper sense of relaxation. It’s nice to do, in itself, even before you see the outcomes in day to day life.


From the first session to the end (6 sessions), there’s an increased level of energy overall and better motivation for your training. It makes you feel more in tune and more sensitive to how your body responds


The process is quite fascinating. It seems like a bizarre treatment but it’s amazing when you feel what it does to you. And it’s a nice thing to do in itself, regardless of the issues being addressed.  JS


(J was in training to climb mount Kilimanjaro)




I am still not smoking and able to get in lifts so its been a success for me!

The difference it has made to my life has been amazing, I once had to turn away from a job interview because the only way to get in the building was by lift so it has been very liberating to be able walk in them easily. I still sometimes get a bit nervous if the lift is very small but the overall difference has been incredible so thank you very much!

I don't know how it worked but it has and the change has been long lasting. JF




When Janet offered to help me (by tapping!) with my fear of heights, I was sceptically open - minded. She helped me tap away for about three minutes. I left and got on with my life. A few weeks later I was on a high , narrow bridge over water when it dawned that I didn't feel sick. A few weeks later I found myself on a reasonably high plinth outside St. Giles cathedral . I was not dizzy. Next, I deliberately tried out the glass escalator in John Lewis. Total absence of any frisson whatsoever. Even higher glass lift in London Royal Academy of Art. Nae bother. Thanks, Janet. MB




Just wanted to let you know how remarkably succesful your tapping treatment was - our hotel in Salt Lake City had a glass lift! - no problems. 

In the National Parks - on one particular walk we walked 600 feet down into a canyon - walked along the canyon floor, and then climbed 600 feet up again! - in 90 degrees heat and elevation of nearly 9000 feet. But from the tapping point of view - this involved very narrow and winding paths with sheer drops, having to pass people on these paths, managed it with no bother at all, also did canyon rim walk - very high and near edge of sheer drop, I crossed bridges with raging torrents beneath, climbed narrow steps - slippy with mist and rain - beside huge waterfalls - again with sheer drops, the holiday was amazing - and there was nothing I didn't try because of heights - sheer stamina defeated me a couple of times!! -  coincidentally - don't know if I just felt so confident about myself - but I didn't feel anxious about flying or about travelling on some of the hugely busy five or six lane highways - situations which would have made me anxious in the past.

SO - Thank you very very much --- my holiday would not have been the success it was without your help. SF







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